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The Journal of the West Somerset Village History Society publishes articles relating to the history of the area and associated topics. The latter include archaeology, natural history, geology, industry and agriculture, architecture, artefacts and art, in as much as they are related to the history of West Somerset. The core of the Journal is intended to be the reporting of items of original historical research, but narratives, descriptions, book reviews and miscellaneous items are included, either to provide the seed-corn for future research or simply for general interest. Contributions are not normally refereed, but authors are encouraged to consult with fellow Society members and others to maintain the highest possible quality of historical research and reporting.

A fund was established in 1988 to contribute to the cost of any original research; any applicant should apply to the Secretary for details.

The Journal is open to members and non-members of the West Somerset Village History Society. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editor, who is happy to provide advice and guidance to ease the task of article preparation and submission. For the next edition the submission deadline is 1st March 2017, but there is no need to wait until then!


The Journal page is 123 mm by 172.5 mm. All printed illustrative material will be digitally scanned for reproduction, so photographic work undertaken with a high-resolution digital camera and submitted electronically will generally produce the best results. Authors must obtain permission before submitting material in copyright.

Preparation of drafts:

Draft submissions should be typed or word-processed, and should by preference be transmitted to the editor in electronic form; Microsoft Word is the preferred programme for text, Adobe Photoshop for artwork. The Journal is prepared using QuarkXpress publishing software which requires the separate input of text and illustrations, thus authors should bear in mind that the submission of papers to a 'finished' format is not required. Formatting should be restricted to the minimum required to indicate any preferred layout features of the work. This text is set in Janson Text LT Std, 10.5 pt.

Figures and tables should be captioned and mentioned in the text, but submitted separately from it. Referencing should be as complete as practically possible, using simple Arabic or Roman numeral superscripts with the references listed at the end of the text. Where detailed referencing is impractical (e.g. collections of papers and other unstructured material) a note at the end of . the work should be used to specify the source and its location.

Click on the links below to read the articles "Beating the Bounds" by Ralph Austin and “Burning to Death” by by Tina Notely both from Edition: 44, 2019.

Beating the Bounds.pdf

"Beating the Bounds"

Burning to death.pdf

"Burning to Death"

This is a .pdf file and needs the free Adobe Acrobat Reader programme which you can download by clicking on the icon below: