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Tuesday 17th September

The Story behind the Badge, St John Ambulance

Ron Powell


Tuesday 15th October

Working Wetlands Catchment Project

Carina Gaertner


Tuesday 19th November

Visit to Halsway Manor

Meet there 7:30 pm


Monday 16th December

Christmas Lunch

Nettlecombe Court at 12.30.  £10.  Bring your own drink.


Tuesday 21st January, 2020

WWII, Home Front in West Somerset

Robin Wichard


Tuesday 18th February

Monksilver History

Tina Notley


Tuesday 17th March

How to Start on Family History

Jane Sharp


Tuesday 21st April

Setting up Steart Nature Reserve

Alys Laver


Tuesday 19th May

Annual General Meeting


Benefits, Brass and the Girtest Grandest Day

Philip Hoyland

Please let the editor of the Journal have contributions for the 2020 issue

by the February meeting. (But preferably much earlier)

All Society meetings are held at the

Elworthy, Monksilver and Nettlecombe Community Hall

at Monksilver at 7:45 pm (unless stated otherwise)